"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind." (an open heart leeds to an open mind)

-Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus




Let us introduce  Kevin Hatton.


At the age of 19 Kevin first travelled to South East Asia where his interest in Holistic Healing really developed.  He passionately researched first-hand many healing techniques across a wide range of cultures and religions.  He lived for over five years in Asia exposed to many local beliefs, treatments and techniques while learning to speak fluent Indonesian and Malay.


In Bali Kevin grew very close to his late father-in-law, a Balinese Priest and Spiritual Healer and they spent long hours discussing natural and spiritual healing, local customs and philosophy.

While studying Asian healing techniques and beliefs, Kevin developed a strong interest in Jungian Psychology and the power of the mind (or mind over matter).  This helped him to understand Asian cultural physicians and the human condition at a deeper level.


These experiences gave him a deeper insight and added a new dimension to the western style of healing he was accustomed to..  He learned that healing can also take place using other methods, not just through treating symptoms with chemical drugs and operations.  What is called alternative medicine in the west is traditional medicine in the east and the results are tangible, positive and real.


Our mind, our thoughts, feelings and emotions produce certain chemicals in our body.  Reducing stress and bringing our body into harmony and balance produces the right chemicals we need.  But itís not just chemical Ė itís energetic, because all chemical or protein particles consist of energy.  Physicists like Einstein, David Bohm or Amit Goswami all agreed on what the universe is made of.  Energy.


Formal Studies in Energy Medicine

2002,  Commenced studies in Harmonics now know as AcuEnergetics.

2003,  Continued studies in AcuEnergetics from level 1 to Level 3 Practitioner course and commenced studiyng Kinergetics Kinesiology units 1-4, also studied Reiki and Physic Development.

2004, Continued studies in AcuEnergetics, Kinesiology and Emotional Release Processes before starting his business ďAt BalanceĒ on a part time basis. 


2005 - 2006, Lifeline Counsellor Course and updated the AcuEnergetics Level 3 Practitioner course.

2008, Certificate IV in Massage Therapy - Remedial & Therapeutic

2009, Massage Therapy, First Aid Certificate, Reiki Master.

2010, Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology, RESET TMJ Jaw Correction & Kinergetics updates.

2011, Kinergetics Kinesiology Master Class. Touch For Health Kinesiology Units 1-4. RAW Unit 1.

2012, Kinergetics Kinesiology updates Units 1-5 and Master Class.  Intergrated Healing Units 1-2.  2 day Massage workshop.

2013, Kinergetics Master Class update.  Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity "BNT". 

   At Balance Energy Therapies & Massage commenced fulltime in early 2009.

"I enjoy my work immensely and gain great satisfaction out of assisting my clients to improve their health and assist create balance in their life. I look forward to meeting and working with you to achieve and maintain the state of wellness you are searching for." Kevin Hatton.


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