“Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential” 

- Deepak Chopra

At Balance  Kinesiology


Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) is a comprehensive and holistic modern natural therapy that combines the wisdom of both eastern and western traditions.


It’s a system of natural health care which combines muscle monitoring or testing with the principles of Chinese and Indian Medicine.  Using Kinesiology, the practitioner can assess the body’s energy levels, at a structural, chemical, emotional and subtle level, to establish the body's primary healing needs.


The practitioner can detect and correct various imbalances that may relate to stress, nutrition, learning, injuries, trauma and other issues, in order to achieve health, well-being, vitality and abundance.

Kinesiology is not limited to dealing with ailments. Energy balancing brings a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice – in sport, relationships, learning or coping with life in general.

Our bodies are made up of more than 50 trillion cells which all have systems that perform set functions, much like our body systems do as a whole. 

Cell Biology < Click - link for 1 minute video on Epigenetics by Bruce Lipton MD Phd.


Every cell in the body is a living organism, and every cell contains energy and intelligence.  This is the blueprint and intelligence that makes up our total psychical and energetic system.  Kinesiology works to alleviate blocked energy or areas of stress to bring these systems into balance.  It is holistic, effective and very safe.

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                Kinesiology in Clinic or Phone Consultation: AUD $90 for 90 minutes.

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Kevin was recommended to me for his background in energy therapies, mainly Kinergetics Kinesiology and how effective this is in working through deep seated traumas to gently heal.  

In 6-8 sessions we accomplished what would have taken years of traditional therapy.  I am very grateful for Kevin assisting me in gaining my freedom to experience the pain free state of being and ease I now enjoy.


Natalie Matyuk

Psychologist, BSc. M.A.


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